It’s important to not overlook planning for an active hurricane season, which runs June 1Nov. 30. The U.S. has already experienced significant storm activity in April, including several destructive tornadoes across the south such as Arkansas, Georgia and South Carolina.

Hurricane Preparedness Week, May 3-9, is intended to help people ready their homes, families and communities for hurricanes and severe weather. Organizations like NOAA and the National Weather Service offer a wealth of information and tips on how to prepare for the season. Visit for guidance on how to develop an evacuation plan, how to prepare a disaster kit, and ways to strengthen your home.

As you develop your hurricane readiness plan, ask yourself the following question: Are you prepared to go days or potentially weeks without power? If you answered “no,” it’s time to consider a back-up power source, such as an automatic standby generator from KOHLER.

“Let’s face it, almost everything in our lives requires electrical power, and we are increasingly dependent on technology and staying connected – both in our home offices and personal lives,” said Ed Del Grande, home improvement contractor, syndicated columnist and spokesperson for KOHLER Generators. “Our lives are significantly disrupted when power is lost; it is that essential. An automatic standby generator is your best defense against a power outage.”

So, what exactly is an automatic standby generator? It is a piece of electrical equipment that is permanently installed outside a home, similar to a central air conditioning (AC) unit. It runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) and is wired into a home’s electrical system. When power is lost, the standby generator automatically kicks in – generally within seconds – and can power any hard-wired systems and appliances, including AC, heat, sump pumps, well pumps, medical equipment, Internet and Wi-Fi, security systems and lighting.

Unlike portable generators that need to be continuously refueled, an automatic standby generator is self-sustaining. The homeowner does not need to be home to operate or refuel the generator.

If you’re considering an automatic standby generator, like those from KOHLER, look for a model that features a powerful, industrial engine that starts quickly and can handle heavy electric loads over an extended period of time. Also, look for a generator with a corrosion-proof or corrosion-resistant enclosure, offers quiet operation, premium 5-year warranty, and can be monitored remotely from a tablet or smartphone. In hurricane-prone areas, make sure you are selecting a generator that has a 181-mph wind load rating.

“Unexpected events remind us that it’s easy to take the systems and routines in our lives for granted. Situations such as these remind us of the importance of being proactive and prepared. When you have an automatic standby generator protecting your home, life continues on as normal when power is lost,” Del Grande said. “It provides tremendous peace of mind in times of uncertainty.”

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SOURCE Kohler Co.

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