A new energyOrbit Energy Efficiency Impact Report unveils the energy and cost savings for residents and businesses by aggregating data from its customers, including utility companies and other energy efficiency (EE) organizations. Key findings show that $3.7 billion in incentives were paid to businesses and households and benefited customers participating in energy rebate programs. Enterprises also contributed to a cleaner atmosphere, taking the equivalent of 3.6 million passenger cars off the road, while avoiding 16.7 million metric tons of COշ.

energyOrbit, the market-leading solution for cloud energy efficiency and Demand-Side Management (DSM) operations, has tallied data from investor-owned utilities, municipalities, cooperatives and third-party implementers in the U.S. and Canada since 2008. The numbers have been charted in two areas: Total Energy Savings and Incentive Payments. The savings metrics of 24 TWh and 11 GW peak power were converted to real-world equivalencies using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tools.

“These findings underscore the enormous impact of energy efficiency initiatives on the reduction in energy costs, and the impact on our environment, at a time when our world is casting a broad eye at what a clean economy can do for our future as we work resolutely to mitigate climate change,” says Udi Merhav, CEO and founder, energyOrbit. “We know such programs have a history of making a difference, but they also show demonstrable EE community leadership, reflected by our customers.”

The report also highlights the following savings reference points:

  • Annual electricity use of 2.8 million homes
  • 4.4 coal-fired plants not in use
  • 3,600 wind turbines running for a year
  • 22 million acres of U.S. forests planted in one year
  • 54 percent of New York City electricity consumption per year

About energyOrbit
Founded in 2007 and based in San Francisco, California, energyOrbit is the market-leading solution for cloud energy efficiency and Demand-Side Management operations. energyOrbit is deployed with leading utilities, program administrators, and third-party implementers across North America, enabling customers to realize an average of up to 75 percent improved efficiency and savings in their DSM operations. energyOrbit empowers utilities to deploy DSM programs in hours, scale programs and portfolios efficiently, and to streamline utility customer relationships, partners, and internal communications seamlessly.

As of 2019, energyOrbit has helped utilities and third-party implementers manage more than 24 TWh of electricity savings. Additionally, 11 GW of peak demand has been reduced by efficiency measures tracked by energyOrbit. More than $3.7 billion in incentives have been managed and prepared for payment. For details, visit www.energy-orbit.com and follow us on Twitter (@energyOrbit) and on LinkedIn.

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