Here To Serve Holding Corp. (OTC:HTSC) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc. (“Fortune”), has signed an agreement to purchase mining claims in the Canadian nickel-rich area near Timmins.

According to Paul Riss, CEO of HTSC, “We have been working with experts in Canada and we have been impressed with the significant nickel finds in the rock formations in northeastern Ontario.  Our claims are 10 miles from what people are saying is one of the largest nickel sulfide mines in the world.  Our Fortune subsidiary has been established to take advantage of these minerals, and previous drilling in the claims that we are purchasing shows a high level of nickel as well as gold.”

“In today’s world, we are concerned about inflation and we want this diversification to protect our company and create value for our shareholders,” continued Riss.  “We believe we have secured a mineral-rich environment and we are especially bullish on nickel and the projected use of nickel in electric vehicles.  We plan a very strategic entrance into the electric vehicle supply chain.”

About Here To Serve Holding Corp.

Here to Serve Holding Corp. operates as four entities: Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc., Novus Ordo Industries Inc. (“Novus”), ICF Industries Inc. (“ICF”) and Executive Industries, which operates as a division of ICF.

Fortune intends to become a player in the exploration and production of nickel, gold and other precious metals internationally. The company is focused primarily on nickel exploration as the battery metals are projected to explode in the coming years along with the electric vehicle (“EV”) market. The company’s core mission is to supply the major nickel contracts awarded by the largest EV manufacturer in the world.

Novus is a California-based licensed construction company. Working with strategic partners, Novus provides its clients with architectural, engineering, and construction services for the custom building of residential homes, commercial properties, hotels and cannabis facilities using insulated concrete forms.

ICF is a distribution, consulting and sales corporation designed to supply construction material throughout North America. ICF has contracts to distribute a diverse array of industrial products such as stuccoes, plasters, insulated concrete forms, Gigahomes, modular homes and greenhouses and medical supplies from strategically designated vendors.

Executive Industries offers corporate advisory, consulting and marketing services to both public and privately-owned companies. Executive Industries helps entities with corporate strategy, negotiation, corporate structure, marketing and executive management decisions.

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